Prague – Berlin – Prologue

After the miserable failing of my back wheel during my tour to Copenhagen (as reported in this blog), I spent quite some time that summer searching for a bicycle, that would suit my style of bike travel. Heavy-duty, fat tires and able to handle my weight with the added weight of my transported belongings. I finally found my dream bike, a VSF Fahrradmanufaktur T400, for sale by a private owner in Munich and after a logistical planning equivalent to the moon-landing, I had managed to get the bike to Berlin. 😉 (More info on the bike can be found in the equipment section)

Now clearly, this bike needed to be inaugurated by a nice tour. This time I was planning on biking back to Berlin, so I searched for places I could easily reach via train or bus.

I soon had my focus on Prague, as it was a dead-cheap and short bus ride away from Berlin. Also I’d be riding back a part on the Elbe River trail, which I had already been on whilst riding from Hamburg to Berlin. As I hadn’t visited Prague before, I was sold on the idea and quickly purchased a bus ticket, got my bike up and running, my bags packed and was on my way.

Unfortunately I just took my mobile phone as a camera with me this time and it clearly shows on the pictures. They aren’t half as good as on the last tours. Sorry about that, lesson was learned 😉

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