I really liked this trip. It seemed like the perfect distance, offering more than the usual 3 or 4 day escape from everyday life and fully immersing me into this tour.

The tour was perfectly signposted and had a logical layout most of the time. A few times I skipped short parts which were clearly designed to make the route longer, without offering any benefit but otherwise I have nothing to complain.

Although all my other gear kept up with the changing conditions, I was really disappointed with my bike and especially the failing tire-spokes. It cost me a lot of money and time to get them repaired and showed me that the bike was not designed for transporting me + my gear on long distance trips. This resulted in me searching for a new travel bike once arriving back home, more of which can be found in the ‘Equipment’ section of this blog.

Besides the one cold and rainy day in Germany I had mostly been lucky weather wise and had found some lovely campsites.

All in all a trip well worth it, and of the 714 kilometres cycled I enjoyed the absolute majority of them.


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