14.9.2016 Berlin -> Prague

Unfortunately the bus I had booked didn’t have a bike rack, although it had said so during booking. The bus driver agreed to transport my bike in the hull of the bus, but seeing as he was piling up cases next to it, I was quite worried I’d receive a bent and broken bike when disembarking in Prague. Luckily after a short bus ride I was handed my bike in an A+ condition, so no need to worry.

I had located a campsite slightly outside of Prague, which was quite a bargain and as it was located nearly directly at the Vltava (german: Moldau) river, which I’d be following before reaching the Elbe River, it seemed like an ideal starting point.

So now all I had to do, was to get from the city centre to the campsite. Easier said than done, it needed quite a few stops to look at my GPS and many, many annoying roads stuck behind tourist walking groups on cobble stones, before I finally had left the centre and could speed up.

IMG_20160914_124116In Prague, riding to the campsite

IMG_20160914_130923First crossing of the Vltava

Once my tent was erected on the site and my bike was securely locked to the fence I headed back into town by public transport to look at Prague.

I spent a wonderful afternoon in the hot sun discovering Prague. Most of the time I was in the Jewish quarter, looking into a synagogue which has been transformed into a Holocaust memorial, parts of the Jewish cemetery and the big and beautiful Spanish synagogue.


IMG_20160914_145917Pinkas synagogue. The writing on the walls depicts names of the 80.000 Jews deported and killed from the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. The names fill every wall space in this synagogue.

Spanish synagogue and the Jewish cemetery 

Sights of Prague

After that I walked aimlessly around town and spent the sunset with a good drink near the Metronome, overlooking the city. Didn’t stay out too late, as I wanted to get an early start the following day.



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