18.5.2016 Møns Klint Campsite -> Præstø

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The morning was spent by a lovely walk along the top of the cliffs, looking down through beautiful green, fresh leaves onto the beach below. At over 6km length and at some points 128m height these cliffs are quite a sight. One of the hills, Aborrebjerg, slightly behind the cliffs is Denmark’s highest point at 143m.

P1010859Lovely views into Denmark.


I took what felt like the longest staircase in the world to get down to the seafront. And spent a few happy hours walking up and down the beach, and enjoying the lovely white chalk cliffs glistening in the sunshine.


After having walked up the staircase again (uff! Biker-Legs and stairs are no happy match!) I collected my bike and gear at the campsite and was on my way again shortly after mid-day.

I biked westwards on Møn and after a bridge crossing was now on Sjælland, the island on which my final destination Copenhagen lay further north.

Shortly after cycling past the city Præstø I had marked another free campsite that I wanted to check out. And what luck it was, picking exactly that site, because when I turned off the road and headed down a small, grassy access road I found the most delightful campsite there is. Essentially, the campsite is an upturned wooden boat with a cut-out entry. Although pretty small I could lay my air mattress inside the boat and therefor have a wind- and rainproof shelter for the night. The campsite also had a nice chair and even access to the sea (although I was too lazy to actually try to go for a swim in the freezing water). I spent a lovely evening at that location, watching the sun go down from the wooden chair and later crawling into my “ship” before falling asleep.

Only 55km today, but I had only started cycling in the afternoon.




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