19.5.2016 Præstø -> Stevns Klint

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Now I could have got much more cycling in that day, but as I had booked my return bus from Copenhagen before even leaving Berlin I noticed I’d have too much time in Copenhagen before catching the bus. So instead I decided to take the tour slowly and not rush into Copenhagen but rather have an additional stop midway.

The ride that day was uneventful, leading me over lovely roads through fields and along the coast. I was seeing quite some numbers of wildlife on this trip, specifically hares and pheasants, something I hadn’t thought I’d see on Danish roads.



P1010972The building behind the bisons is actually a prison. Guess their last break-out attempts didn’t end too well.

After a short ride of slightly less than 50 kilometres I stopped for the night at another free campsite near Stevns Klint, another set of white chalk cliffs on the east coast. I took the bike a few kilometres down the road where I found an access to actually head down to the beach and after a few hours there drove back to the campsite which was located next to the local visitor’s centre.


Here I even found free toilets and had a look around the rather abandoned centre.

Although it seems unreal and unbelievable when standing at that cliff, this was actually part of Denmark’s eastern border and therefore one part of the frontline during the Cold War. Although there is a Cold War museum there, highlighting the highly secret defence buildings, which contained a huge fortress and underground bunker, I was content with checking out the radar tower next to my sleeping shelter. There was also a nice watchtower on site which was accessible, so I spent my time watching the sunset from up top, before heading for a chilly and slightly rainy night in my wooden shelter.



P1020005My Shelter for the night

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