17.5.2016 Near Nykøbing -> Møns Klint Campsite

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Early morning I packed up and headed for Nykøbing, which I reached about an hour later. Found the nearest bike-shop and left my beaten bike there to get it repaired, whilst having a relaxed breakfast in town. The repair was really expensive, at least for the 40€ he charged, the mechanic cleaned all the sand out of my drivetrain, so the crunching and grinding stopped at last, but it was a stiff bill nevertheless. And I was really upset with my wheel-setup, as it had now failed me twice in under a week.

After leaving Nykøbing I crossed to the east side of the island. Like in Germany, the bike path was mostly on roads and paths that weren’t frequented by motorized traffic, so you could really relax and enjoy the landscape.

At Stubbekøbing I boarded a small ferry with one other cyclist, and after 10 minutes we arrived on the tiny island of Bogø, and then after cycling over an impressive road built on water I was on the island Møn.

P1010837It was a tight fit, but our two bikes somehow managed to be taken aboard!

P1010834Just a very short crossing

Now there is the possibility to shorten the journey by heading north on Møn, and after about 15km you’d be on the next island.

P1010845The worst stretch of the 700km tour, but luckily it was really short.



Instead I opted for the long way, going to the most eastern point of Møn, as they have lovely chalk cliffs there. The road was quite hilly, and the last few kilometres really threw everything they had at me. The steepest roads on the whole tour, made of pressed sand and gravel helped to get some appetite worked up for supper.

By the time I arrived at Møns Klint (meaning “Møn’s Cliff”) campsite I was worn out for the day. The campsite was nicely located and although the people at the check-in desk weren’t really interested in their customers I managed to find a nice spot for my tent and spent the evening trying to get all my cloths washed and dried. That was really necessary, I kid you not!


All in all that made for my second longest day on tour, and considering I spent my morning at a bike dealers I was pretty proud of the 94 km on my speedometer.

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