16.5.2016 Bützow -> Free camping near Nykøbing (DK)

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After Breakfast at the Campsite the goal for the day was simple: Get to Denmark at last!


P1010785Shortly before disaster struck (again)!

With only 50km to the ferry in Rostock I was planning on getting there by midday no stress. Unfortunately I had just crossed through the little village of Schwaan when I suddenly heard a *pling* once again and found a new spoke had snapped on my back wheel. I was soo fed-up, I was seriously concidering lying on the ground and throwing a tantrum, but as I was the only person far and wide on this bike lane I guessed it wouldn’t have had the wished for effect. Instead I decided to take my spoke wrench (bought extra before this trip, well invested 5€) and tried to adjust the huge misalignment in my rear wheel. After a lot of time of fiddling around with no real expertise I managed to get the wheel straightened up again, so the side of the wheel wasn’t pressing against the brake-callipers anymore. I repacked heavy stuff from the rear to the front panniers and hopped on the bike after this hour long interruption.

Whilst continuing the bike ride I decided on getting the wheel repaired in Denmark the following day, not further delaying my ferry crossing by looking for a bike shop in Rostock. I sailed through Rostock without really looking at the sights and then took the bike path out of town to get to Überseehafen (the ferry terminal).

Once there it turned out that the ferry had quite some delay so I drove back to nearby supermarket to stock up on cheap german supplies before being subjected to Scandinavian food-prices 😉

P1010794Waiting in line for a ferry ticket (and looking slightly like a washing rack on wheels!)

The ferry seemingly had had problems on the Danish side, so it took forever before boarding the ship at last. I had arrived at Überseehafen at 12 o’clock, but until we got moving it was 4pm. I relaxed on the ferry crossing, looking out at Warnemünde shortly after leaving port and then sitting inside and reading in peace and quiet before disembarking again at round about 7pm.

P1010801Fun experience to ride into a ferry on a bike

P1010802Safely secured


All my plans of having an easy 50km to Rostock and then a nice afternoon cycling in Denmark had been messed up by the broken spoke and the ships delay so I opted to keep it relaxed in the evening and find the nearest campsite after disembarking from the Ferry in Gedser.

P1010811In Denmark at last! Boy was it windy.

Denmark had, as it turned out, some lovely free campsites. Either they are unmaintained or people living nearby help keep the campsite clean. Some have little shelters, some even small toilets and yet others are just a place to pitch your tent. Most of them are free, although some can cost a small fee (usually 2-5€/person), which can be deposited at the campsite. I highly recommend the App “Shelter” as it has them all GPS-located and you can find the nearest one.

I took the second nearest to Gedser, pedalling against strong headwinds and finally arrived at a little area off the road which didn’t have any infrastructure besides a sign and a small toilet. I pitched my tent, looked at the magnificent sunset and soon crawled into bed.

Roughly 48km to Rostock and a short 22km in Denmark still made for a long day! I was hoping to get a quick repair done to my bike in Nykøbing the following day and then be on my way again.

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