15.5.2016 Waren (Müritz) -> Bützow

(A click on the route enlarges the picture!)

The morning started with a short cruise into Waren, along the promenade. I was in search of a nice bakery, but unfortunately turned off the main road soon and left the city without having found a nice breakfast.


The trip led me around a lot of little lakes, mostly far away from motorized traffic and made for a relaxing drive. Well, at least it would have been, if the weather hadn’t turned on me. Whilst riding through the forest the wind picked up and suddenly I was in a short, but very unpleasant hailstorm. By the time I had brought my bike to a stop and fumbled for my rain-gear from one of my bags I was absolutely drenched and the rain had nearly stopped. This happened 3 times in a very short interval.

P1010753Hail, and off-camera: a very wet me!


In the same forest I met a fellow biker who had overtaken me the previous day and was heading to Copenhagen as well. For the next few days we spent quite some time together.

In Güstrow we had quite a disgusting late lunch at a kebab stand at the train station. The city was as dead as a dodo, and that was the only place serving food we could find.

P1010755But Güstrow did have a nice palace…

P1010758… and cute streets.

After having had a really cold morning with 10 different rain-clouds deciding to keep me cold and wet, my weather luck returned in the afternoon. Although staying quite cold I spent some time being bathed in sunshine.

P1010761Freaky road-side animals Nr. 1.

P1010762And Nr. 2. Yes, that actually is a camel roaming the field in eastern Germany.

The overnighting destination was Bützow, as that left less then 50km to do the next day before boarding the ferry to Denmark. The campsite was nicely located at a lake (3 lake-campsites in 3 days 😉 ) and had quite a few cyclists staying the night. Also they had a beautiful pontoon leading out into the lake. All in all I had done 102 kilometres that day.

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