Berlin to Copenhagen – Information

Having found my love for bike-touring again on the recent trip from Hamburg to Berlin (as described on this blog as well), I decided to head straight out again. As my obligations to university meant sitting in a hot library and writing essays, I was pretty sure that could wait another week.

I had picked up on the Berlin – Copenhagen bike-path ever since I had noticed it started right behind my flat in Berlin. It had the right length (approx. 700km) to be a challenge and give me a longer time away from home than my two previous tours (which were each ~300km), whilst still being a manageable distance as I could start without big preparation and didn’t have to wait for a holiday occasion to come around.

The route can be looked at here:

and here:

As it turns out the signposting was pretty good. Using my mobile phone as navigation + a dedicated biking-map (I used the one from “Bikeline”), sticking to the route was no big issue. Only wished the planners would have designed a more colourful logo as a lot of signs were really faded from the sunlight:



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