13.5.2016 Berlin -> Tornow

(A click on the route enlarges the picture!)

I started my tour by heading off to the Brandenburger Tor, as this is the main starting point for many bike routes leading out of Berlin.

IMG_20160513_093720Here we go again!

A drive to the north-west brought me past Tegel airport and then went along likes on extra bike routes, so there was no interference from motorized traffic.


P1010724Old watchtower along the Berlin Wall, now converted into a museum and memorial.

By lunch I had already reached Oranienburg, over 50km from my starting point and had a nice relaxing food break at the side of a canal.

Beautiful roads along the many canals.

Legs feeling strong I continued on to Zehdenick where the route follows through the grounds of a brick manufacture, which has been revamped into an event location. The last 10km to Tornow were quite challenging, as my legs were clearly feeling the strain of the day, but I tried to take it easy and arrived at my Campsite “Am großen Wentowsee” in the early evening after 103 kilometres.

P1010731A good first day, but still a lot to be pedalled, as displayed on the left side of the picture!

Located nicely at a big lake I managed to build up the courage to actually go for a swim. Luckily I could hit the showers right after that.

P1010733Boy was that cold!


Perfect temperature and weather accompanied me on this first day, I was sincerely hoping it would stay that way.

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