6. May 2016: Dannenberg -> Wittenberg / Havelberg

After returning to the Elbe bike path I crossed the Elbe to the right side again via a bridge near Dömitz and had an uneventful ride all the way to Wittenberg.


IMG_20160506_124354Beautiful thatched roofs along the way


Interestingly enough I crossed two federal state “boarders” that day, starting the journey in Lower Saxony, crossing into Brandenburg and later in the afternoon arriving in Saxony-Anhalt. In Wittenberg I found another ice-cream shop (hurray for good weather, hurray for good biker-food) and then left in search of the the train station.

I had worked out that I wouldn’t manage to arrive in Berlin in my designated timeframe, if not for skipping a few places and taking the train instead. Wittenberg was a logical consequence, as all major trains going along the Elbe River stopped there.

IMG_20160506_164035The Elbe-River bike-path is clearly a tourist attraction and a source of income for the area. Thus they greet tourists with great pleasure, sometimes even quite pompous, as can be seen here.

After less than an hours in the train I disembarked near the city of Havelberg. A magnificently straight road, which must have been planned on a map and not by geographical necessities brought me the final 7km in to town. As the last stretch down into Havelberg was significantly downhill I had a huge laugh blasting down into town with my heavy laden bike. All in all, today’s tour was round about 75km in length.

Now Havelberg lies at the banks of the river Havel, as the name suggests. The Havel flows into the Elbe a few kilometres before town and Havelberg had a wonderful campsite on a big island surrounded by the Havel River. I built up the tent and settled in to a relaxed night at the campsite.

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