5. May 2016: Altengamme -> Dannenberg

Setting off early in the morning I soon reached Geesthacht, where I intended to cross to the left-side of the Elbe-River (as seen in the direction of looking downstream). A navigational error on my behalf let me pdeal an extra 3km on the larger island in the middle of the Elbe, which I mistook to be the other riverside. 😀

Until Bleckede the road ran next to the dike all the time, mostly in perfect condition. Occasionally the path would lead along the rim of the dike, giving a much better view of the slow-flowing river, but also exposing me to rather substantial headwind. And it was amazing how strenuous it is to ride up and down the dike, even though the difference in height is only a few metres, but do that 10, 20, 30x a day and it turns into a chore.

In Bleckede the first ferry of the day brought me to the right side of the Elbe River, which I then followed until taking a ferry back over to the left side in Hitzacker.

IMG_20160505_130428The Elbe River was the natural boarder between West Germany and East Germany in some parts. In the background the ferry that brought me over the Elbe.

IMG_20160505_170906Yeah, some other people hit on the idea of going for a bike ride too.

IMG_20160505_130952A human roadblock in front of me and quite a few animal roadblocks ahead. Sunny weekend and father’s day = Lots of traffic

A short stroll around the village showed it to be very cosy, well maintained and it had a fantastic ice-cream shop, something I had been waiting for all day, as it was beautifully sunny and quite hot for early may.

From Hitzacker I steered away from the Elbe-Trail towards the campsite near Dannenberg, where I had a deserved supper and an even more welcome shower. 95km on the first long tour of the year, quite a success I’d say!


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