2.5.2015: Oberrucker Lake -> Bellin (Stettiner Haff)

Another sunny day awaited as I collapsed the tent, had a small breakfast and then got going. The first kilometres were pretty agony. My legs were stiff, my knees were hurting and especially my behind gave me a bad time, as I hadn’t bought any bike-trousers with padding yet and was only wearing normal trousers throughout the trip. Well that added a utensil to my “got to buy when you are back in Berlin”-list, that’s for sure.

I quickly arrived in Prenzlau, the biggest town on my way to Usedom and stocked up on food at the local supermarket, especially knowing I’d arrive on Usedom on a Sunday, so I needed to shop for two days.

20150502_120051The big church in Prenzlau’s city center

After that the ride was nicely signposted, and not incredibly intense, so I could peddle the day away and arrived at my designated campsite earlier then the day before.

20150502_125039Easy riding

20150502_154916Unpleasant sight as soon as I hit the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Seemed to be the village’s Nazi meeting point.

That was the right decision, because after cycling 80 kilometres that day I found a Campsite directly at the shore of the Stettiner Haff (A lagoon made by the Island Usedom stretching into the Baltic Sea and thereby creating this inland saltwater lagoon.)

After having placed my tent and had another ready-meal of noodles I sat at the beachfront, watching the sun sink beneath the reeds.


20150502_183250View of the lagoon


A few more cyclists had arrived, all around my age. But as they were celebrating a stag-weekend of one of the guys, I kept my distance with them unpacking bottles and bottles of alcohol and other recreational drugs, deciding to tend to my sore legs instead and hit the sleeping bag.

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