1.5.2015: Berlin -> Oberrucker Lake

As early as possible I loaded everything onto the bike and set off leaving Berlin on this beautiful, sunny May Day.

20150501_103335That’s what you call a tail-heavy bike!

Eager, fresh and motivated!

The official bike path started only 5km from my flat, so soon I was on the dedicated route and making good progress. After a relaxing lunch near a little pond I kept on pushing northwards.


Comparing my notes to the distance I had travelled by mid-afternoon I realized I had two options. Either stop now at 4 o’clock after around 80km feeling strong and fit at a nearby campsite or push on for another 40km, to get to the next one. Having never cycled more than 55km at once (and that had been a tour with no luggage on the bike) the option to choose should have been straight forward. But something propelled me to go for it! So I buckled down for another 40km, hoping to make it by 6 o’clock to the further away campsite. It all went ok, until I hit the little village of Steinhöfel. This being the last stop before tonight’s campsite, everything seemed set for a victorious arrival at the overnight stop. But alas, suddenly the road decided to play rollercoaster, and the last 5 Kilometres turned out to be the most strenuous stretch of the day. After conjuring up all energy left in my body and creeping up all the steep inclines I finally approached the campsite at Oberrucker lake. And what a beauty that was. Located right at the shore I watched a wonderful sunset. The tent got erected as fast as possible, then on to a satisfying meal of noodles, which I wolfed down in no time.


20150501_194510What a sunset!

As said, never before had I ridden 60km in one day, now the final reading for this first day showed an impressive 120km. I must say, I feel rather proud of my achievement. My legs were aching as I crawled into my sleeping bag, as was my behind 😉 I lay there, wondering how tomorrow will turn out.

20150501_190749_HDRThe workhorse, functioning flawlessly until now.


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