4.5.2015: Ückeritz -> Zinnowitz (+Train back to Berlin) and Conclusion

Today I had a long sleep in, as I wasn’t in a hurry to get going. I cycled another 30km to Zinnowitz, where I enjoyed a sunny but windy mid-day on the Pier and then headed to the train station.


20150504_111910Luxurious homes on Usedom


The train connection worked flawlessly and less than four hours later I was back at Berlin Central Station. Funnily enough I met two girls in the train that had done the same tour, we had been passing each other a lot in the three days prior. 


I really, really enjoyed my first bike tour. I managed much greater distances than I had hoped for and found the route to be very enjoyable, letting me concentrate on pedalling, instead of having to worry about the track and the next signpost.

Follow the signs

It was doable for me as a beginner, although I’d recommend slicing down the daily miles to make it even more enjoyable. All in all I achieved 300 Kilometres in three days, plus another 33 on the day of departure, bringing the tally to 333km all in all.

There were quite a few campsites along the way, so the only problem was choosing one to my liking.

My bike did what it was built to do, although it was probably transporting too much weight. Not even a puncture stopped me from riding. Only thing I really missed on that tour was padded bike-shorts, something I bought right after my return to Berlin.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this journey and perhaps will consider the Berlin-Usedom bike path. I for one was hooked on bike touring, as you will be able to see in further described tours by bike on this blog.









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