19.9.2016 Lübben -> Berlin

(A click on the route enlarges the picture!)

The day started off really luxurious. The campsite had a bakery-truck that came and catered to the happy campers. That meant my breakfast consisted of lots of yummy sweet treats, way to start the day!

Today the weather quickly improved and surpassed the grey muckiness of the past two days. All in all, riding was really relaxing, as I was travelling along the infrastructure of the Spreewald bike trail and kept on going for quite some time.


IMG_20160919_101918Lovely forest roads in the sunshine.

I had a nice lunch in Königs Wusterhausen, after having already managed 65km, before heading into Berlin. The last kilometres into town took quite some time, as my energy level had really dropped and I was longing for a nice shower at home.

IMG_20160919_115602IMG_20160919_151018The last kilometres before arriving in the centre of Berlin.

After 106km of cycling I arrived home and got the well-deserved shower at last. The last two days had been rather long, but had been a lot of fun and showed me what I was capable of.

Finally arrived!

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