17.9.16 Tetschen-Bodenbach –> Radeburg (GER)

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In the night it started to rain heavily and I awoke to a soaking wet campsite. I lounged around for quite some time, waiting for the rain to stop. Nevertheless today would bring a sharp decrease in temperature and a lot of grey clouds and low hanging fog. Not pretty, especially as I was heading past the lovely Sächsische Schweiz, an Area of beautiful sandstone-cliffs.

As guessed when getting up my crossing over into Germany was accompanied by the bad weather and the view of the cliffs wasn’t half as impressive as it would have been in sunny conditions.

IMG_20160917_101502Grey behind

IMG_20160917_102136And grey ahead

IMG_20160917_102717Thanks to the Czech Republic for giving me such a memorable time!

Grey views of the Sächsische Schweiz

A quick ferry crossing brought me to the other side of the Elbe River and I continued on in direction of Dresden.


In Dresden I had a quick and cold lunch sitting on a bench along the river.

IMG_20160917_145718View of Dresden

After that I turned off the Elbe River path and made my way northwards, now heading straight for Berlin. Besides a steep climb out of a forest path in the north of Dresden driving was pretty well going.

After 92km I reached a campsite in Radeburg and decided to call it a day. It was a rather small campsite with lots of nice neighbours and a really nice kid even tried to help me build up my tent, before boasting he had driven much faster on his bike, then I would ever be able too. He was probably right, I guess 😉

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